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Our standard gym membership includes over 100 classes per month.   The class schedule changes every month so that you don't get tired of the same old routine day after day.  Below is a list of the classes that we offer and you can view our current schedule by clicking the pink button.


Classes at Tone Zone

1. Zumba

2. Zumba Toning

3. Zumba Strong

4. Zumba Sentao

5. Guts Guns and Buns

6. Kardio Kickboxing

7. Killer Kardio

8. Booty Burn

9. Spinsanity

10. Yoga

11. Pound

12. Step and Sculpt

13. Fit 2 Fight

14. Piloxing

15. Body Blast

16. Tone, Tighten & Trim



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