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The Gym

We get it it.  Some days you can't make it to one of our classes and on other days you just want to work out by yourself.   No problem.  We've got you covered.  Below is a sample list of our gym equipment.  Most of our equipment is designed specifically for women and so it's easy to use but if you've got a question on how to use something then one of our staff members can always help you out.


Cardio Equipment

1. Treadmills

2. Ellipticals

3. Steppers

4. Recumbent Bikes

5. Spin Bikes

6. Rowers

7. Mountain Machines

8. Dual Trainers and more


Strength Equipment

1. Smith Machine

2. Power Tower

3. Cable Cross

4. Squat Racks

5. Thigh Abductor

6. Leg Press

7. Hamstring Isolator

8. Butt Blaster and more





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